Au fil du manoir is the starting point of your tourist activities and the discovery of the surrounding seaside resorts.


At 30 minutes you will find Deauville, its sandy beach and its 'boards', its casino and its famous racecourse.


At 20 minutes, you will discover Honfleur which inspired many painters, its old basin, surrounded by its narrow houses covered with slate, the church Saint Catherine all in wood, emblem of Honfleur.

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At 40 minutes, heading west you will arrive at Le Havre, an atypical and modern city, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2005, destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt by the famous architect Auguste Perret. Located 500 meters from the city center, you will find 2 kilometers of sand and pebble beach. First French port for foreign trade, you may be able to see one of these largest container vessels in the world.


At 45 minutes, Etretat will make you discover its majestic cliffs and its legendary Aiguille which will leave you an unforgettable memory.


Also 45 minutes from here, you will reach Rouen, the town with 100 steeples, where you can discover the Gros Horloge and its medieval cobbled streets.


Going south, you will discover Caen and its memorial, then the landing beaches.


2 hours away is the famous Mont Saint Michel.